About Us

Our Mission & Vision

  • We are an independent paraplanning service provider with an experienced team of paraplanners.

  • Our ambition is to become an essential part of your organisation, aiming not only to free up your time but also to assist you to add value to your client proposition.

  • At Planwise we design financial planning solutions and simplify the advice process for financial advisers throughout Australia.

  • We prepare high-quality advice document at affordable prices to help run your business more efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Our Paraplanning services suits advisers looking to outsource Paraplanning work to well - trained and experienced Paraplanners.​


Why Planwise?

Outsourced Solution

Below are some of the benefits of outsourcing to us:

  • Increase your available time.

  • Pay only for what you use.

  • Increase your resource pool.

  • Reduce compliance risk.

  • Reduce staff management time and cost.

  • Save on office space.

Tailored Services and Deliverables

Our services can be customised to suit your evolving needs:

  • End to end paraplanning service options.

  • Tailor your process and deliverables.

  • Simple service agreement process.

  • Post or pre-pay options.

  • Fixed fee option for bundled services.

Team of Specialists

Add the experience of a team of specialists to your business without the combined salary cost:

  • Simultaneous planners when needed.

  • Highly trained and experienced paraplanners.

  • Planners updated with all Australian legislation.​

Quality & Compliant Paraplanning

The best quality advice documents in the market today:

  • Flexible submission process.

  • Minimise compliance risk.​

  • Template customisation.

Large Volume Capacity

With our team of experts, tools and internal processes, we are able to manage high volumes of work while still maintaining turnaround times, quality and compliance.

  • Priority option.

  • Transition management.

  • Project work.

Privacy Protection

With our sound Privacy Policy, security measures and business structure, you can rest assured that all information provided to us will be maintained with the strictest confidentiality.​

  • All our paraplanners are employees.

  • Tracking and preventative security software installed.

  • Staff sign confidentiality agreements.